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At a Glance

  • Moldova joined the IMF on August 12, 1992.

  • Moldova’s quota in the IMF amounts to SDR 172.5 million (about US$ 249 million) or 0.04 percent of total quota. Moldova’s voting power in the IMF is 1,973 votes or 0.08 percent of total.

  • Moldova accepted the obligations of Article VIII of the IMF Articles of Agreement on June 30, 1995.

  • Moldova’s currency is the leu (MDL); its external value is market determined.

  • Moldova’s Governor in the IMF is Mr. Sergiu Cioclea, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova; Moldova’s Alternate Governor in the IMF is Mr. Vladimir Munteanu, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova.

  • Mr. Anthony De Lannoy is Moldova’s Executive Director in the IMF; his constituency also includes Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, and Ukraine.

  • Mr. Ben Kelmanson is IMF's Mission Chief for Moldova.

  • Mr. Volodymyr Tulin is IMF's Resident Representative in Moldova.

Financial Assistance

Since 1993, Moldova has had the following arrangements with the IMF in support of the authorities' economic adjustment programs: Compensatory and Contingency Financing Facility (CCFF), Systemic Transformation Facility (STF), Stand-by arrangements (SBA), Extended Fund Facilities (EFF), and Poverty Reduction and Growth Facilities (PRGF) - from 2009 called Extended Credit Facilities (ECF). In 2009 Moldova has also benefited from a one-time SDR allocation amounting to SDR 117.71 million.

Total Fund credit and loans outstanding at the end of February 2018 amounted to SDR 255.6 million
(about US$ 370 million).

Type of
Expiration or
(SDR Million)
(SDR Million)
CCFF 15-Jan-93 & 19-Dec-94


25.70 25.70
STF* 16,-Sep 1993 15-Sep, 1994 45.00 45.00
Stand-by 17-Dec, 1993 16-Mar 1995 51.75 51.75
Stand-by 22-Mar, 1995 21-Mar, 1996 58.50 32.40
EFF 20-May, 1996 19-May, 2000 135.00 87.50
PRGF 21-Dec, 2000 20-Dec, 2003 110.88 27.72
PRGF** 5-May, 2006 4-May, 2009 110.88 88.00
EFF 29-Jan, 2010 30-Apr, 2013 184.80 149.12
ECF 29-Jan, 2010 30-Apr, 2013 184.80 170.88
EFF 07-Nov, 2016 06-Nov, 2019 86.30 38.30
ECF 07-Nov, 2016 06-Nov, 2019 43.10 19.10

* The STF was a temporary IMF financing facility that provided assistance to member countries facing balance of payments difficulties arising from severe disruptions in their trade and payments arrangements owing to a shift from reliance on trading at nonmarket prices to multilateral market-based trade.
The PRGF was replaced by ECF in 2009.

More detailed tables:  Republic of Moldova: Financial Position in the Fund (including transactions with the Fund - summary of disbursements and repayments, IMF credit outstanding, projected payments)

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Technical Assistance

The IMF has provided Moldova with technical assistance in a number of areas, including fiscal management, public expenditure, tax and customs, monetary accounting system, bank supervision, monetary policy/central bank organization, and in various statistical areas.

The IMF Institute provided training to Moldovan officials in areas such as financial programming and policy, external policies, monetary and exchange operations, and balance of payments and government finance statistics; Moldovan officials also attended courses and seminars offered by the Joint Vienna Institute, in areas such as central bank accounting, macroeconomic analysis and policy, public expenditure, tax policy administration and reform, banking supervision, and in various statistical areas.

Last update: March 2018