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Annual Report of the Executive Board for the Financial Year Ended April 30, 2013

Promoting a More Secure and Stable Global Economy

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Chapter 1: Overview

  • The Global Economy
  • Surveillance
  • Financing
  • Policy Agenda
  • Capacity Development
  • Resources
  • A Changing IMF

Chapter 2: Economic and Financial Developments

  • Turning the Corner at Different Speeds
  • Achieving a Full-Speed Global Economy

Chapter 3: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World

  • Monitoring Global Interconnections
  • Policy Advice
  • Low-Income Countries
  • Small States
  • Program Design

Chapter 4: Confronting the Ongoing Global Crisis

  • Managing Director’s Global Policy Agenda
  • Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust
  • Financing
  • Engagement with Other Organizations
  • Capacity Development
  • Data and Data Standards Initiatives

Chapter 5: Finances, Organization, and Accountability

  • Quota and Governance Reform
  • Budget and Income
  • Human Resources Policies and Organization
  • Accountability

Executive Directors and Alternates

Senior Officers

IMF Organization Chart


Appendix I: International Reserves

Appendix II: Financial Operations and Transactions

Appendix III: Press Communiqués of the IMFC and Development Committee (October 2012 and April 2013)

Appendix IV: Executive Directors and Voting Power

Appendix V: Changes in Membership of the Executive Board

Appendix VI: Financial Statements for FY2013