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Chisinau, July 30 /Moldpres/ - Moldova's President Vladimir
Voronin on Monday received Regional Director of the International
Monetary Fund Richard Haas, who is in Chisinau at the head of an
IMF mission.

According to the Presidency's Press Service, Vladimir
Voronin mentioned that the new leadership of Moldova does not
raise the problem of ceasing the relations with the international
financial bodies, particularly with the IMF and the World Bank.

The President said that all the speculations of the kind
inserted lately in the opposition press are meant to impede the
activity of the present governing for the stabilization of the
socioeconomic situation in Moldova and the fight against

"We do not deny the role played by the IMF in overcoming of
the deep crisis faced by the country. However, at the same time,
we have to repeat many times that we should be more correct in
the use of the finances and credits borrowed from these
international bodies. All of us know how many credits were
borrowed, and how they were utilized. Therefore, my statements
made in public are orientated to the promotion of a clear policy,
which would contribute to the formation of a correct attitude
towards the received loans. Especially as starting today, and not
tomorrow, we must think how to maintain ourselves alone in
future. In other words, we should borrow credits, use them
properly, and enrich ourselves, but not get poorer", the head of
state underscored.

Vladimir Voronin and Richard Haas debated issues dealing
with IMF's ties with the Republic of Moldova, and especially
about the fulfilment of the Memorandum signed by Moldova's
Government with the IMF.

The President said that at the moment all the problems
regarding the carrying out of the clauses established in the
accord can be solved.

As far as the new governing programme of the country's
leadership is concerned, which aims, first of all, at improving
the social state of the population, it will be based on a real
financial policy, Vladimir Voronin added.