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Chisinau, July 30 (INFOTAG). President Vladimir Voronin has
stated the new Moldovan leadership does not mean to suspend
relations with international financial institutions. Meeting
today with Mr Richard Haas, head of an IMF mission on a working
visit to Chisinau these days, he refuted press speculations to
this regard.

"These speculations are aimed at slowing down the economic
stabilization and struggle against corruption", the head of
state said.

"We do not negate the IMF's role in our overcoming the crisis,
but I should repeat the necessity to handle foreign credits
properly. We all know the volume of the credits, and the way
they were used. That's why my statements are aimed at shaping a
correct attitude to utilization of the lending", he said.

"We must think hard about how to support ourselves. In other
words, I believe we should borrow in order to become richer, not
poorer", Voronin said.

Concerning the Memorandum signed in late 2000, the President
said all items of the document may be fulfilled. "As for the
Government's new program, it is targeted at improving the
population's well-being, and is based on a realistic financial
policy", he said.

The IMF mission arrived here last week to examine the Memorandum
implementation and make a decision about further lending. The
IMF experts will be working here till August 8.