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Chisinau, Aug 29 /Moldpres/ - A mission of the International
Monetary Fond /IMF/ led by Regional Director of the IMF Richard
Haas will pay a fact-collecting visit to Chisinau during 3-9

Head of the Directorate for collaboration with the
international financial bodies of the Ministry of Economy
Svetlana Sagaidac said that the mission will be a technical one,
and that it will not hold official negotiations. She also said
that the members of the mission will discuss with the responsible
persons of the Ministry of Finance about the provisions of the
draft budget for 2002 and its compliance with the economic and
financial policies previously agreed with IMF.

The quoted source said that the respective policies are
stipulated in the Memorandum signed between Moldova and IMF in
November 2000, as well as in the supplement to the respective
Memorandum, on which the two sides agreed at the beginning of
this month.

Asked how the mission will act in case the draft state
budget for the year 2002 does not fit the policies provided for
in the Memorandum, Svetlana Sagaidac answered that in such a case
the mission works up and proposes to the Government the necessary
recommendations. The quoted source also stressed the fact that
such a situation can not influence the decision of the IMF Board
of Directors, which is to give its opinion about the supplement
to the above Memorandum.

The IMF Board of Directors will give its view on the above
document in November, this year. The Fund will resume the
financing of the country only after the endorsement by its
Council of the supplement to the Memorandum signed in November,
last year.