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       IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Welcomes Additional Pledges to
       Increase IMF Resources, Bringing Total Commitments to US$456 Billion

            Press Release No. 12/231
            June 19, 2012


Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued the following statement in Los Cabos, Mexico during the G-20 Leaders’ Summit:

“A number of IMF member countries have announced pledges to boost IMF resources, completing the effort launched jointly at our Spring Meetings in April 2012 by the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) and G-20 (see Press Release No. 12/147). Countries large and small have rallied to our call for action, and more may join. I salute them and their commitment to multilateralism. As a result, total pledges have risen to US$456 billion, almost doubling our lending capacity.

“With announcements by an additional 12 countries, a total of 37 IMF member countries, representing about three-fifths of total quota in the organization, have joined this collective effort, demonstrating the broad commitment of the membership to ensure the IMF has access to adequate resources to carry out its mandate in the interests of global financial stability.

“These resources are being made available for crisis prevention and resolution and to meet the potential financing needs of all IMF members. They will be drawn only if they are needed as a second line of defense after resources already available from quota and the existing New Arrangements to Borrow are substantially used. If drawn, they will be repaid with interest. The IMF is committed to assuring our members’ interests and resources are safeguarded.”

For details of publicly announced commitments, see table below.

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Member country Pledge/currency (billions)1 Pledge in US$ billions
Australia US$7 7.0
Austria EUR 6.13 8.1
Belgium EUR 9.99 13.2
Brazil* US$10 10.0
China* US$43 43.0
Colombia* US$1.5 1.5
Cyprus EUR 0.48 0.6
Czech Republic2 EUR 1.5 2.0
Denmark EUR 5.3 7.0
Finland EUR 3.76 5.0
France EUR 31.4 41.4
Germany EUR 41.5 54.7
India* US$10 10.0
Italy EUR 23.48 31.0
Japan US$60 60.0
Korea US$15 15.0
Luxembourg EUR 2.06 2.7
Malaysia* US$1 1.0
Malta EUR 0.26 0.3
Mexico* US$10 10.0
Netherlands EUR 13.61 18.0
New Zealand* US$1 1.0
Norway SDR 6.0 9.3
Philippines* US$1 1.0
Poland EUR 6.27 8.3
Russia* US$10 10.0
Saudi Arabia US$15 15.0
Singapore US$4 4.0
Slovak Republic EUR 1.56 2.1
Slovenia EUR 0.91 1.2
South Africa* US$2 2.0
Spain EUR 14.86 19.6
Sweden At least US$10.0 10.0
Switzerland US$10 10.0
Thailand* US$1 1.0
Turkey* US$5 5.0
United Kingdom US$15 15.0
TOTAL   US$455.9
Memorandum items    
Euro Area EUR 150 197.9
Non-Euro Area EU   42.2
Non-EU members   215.8

1 Based on EU Finance Ministers statement on IMF resources on December 19, 2011 and IMF Press Release No. 12/147, using exchange rates as of April 20, 2012.

2 Conditional, see press_releases_cnb/2012/20120126_pujcka_mmf.html

*Countries that pledged at the G-20 Summit in Los Cabos